Intensify Your Senses with Oud Essence

Embark on an unparalleled sensory journey with our luxurious Intense Wood fragrance. This olfactory masterpiece unfolds like a precious gem, each harmonious note a testament to the ultimate sophistication.

Our Intense Wood begins with an exhilarating burst of clove, a warm and spicy spice that elegantly awakens the senses. The captivating spicy accents of clove bestow an enchanting dimension to the fragrance right from the initial notes.

A gentle embrace of white flowers then joins the clove, bringing a refined floral delicacy. These white flowers emit a divine fragrance, adding a touch of grace and elegance to the composition.

Geranium unfolds next, offering a subtle and refreshing facet to the fragrance. Its green and herbaceous notes seamlessly intertwine with other ingredients, creating a perfect balance that elevates the entire experience.

At the heart of this luxurious composition, saffron unfolds its splendor. The golden and precious spice diffuses its rich and sensual aromas, enveloping the wearer in an enchanting and mysterious aura.

Gaiac wood, with its warm and deep character, imparts a captivating signature to the fragrance. It adds a subtle intensity and a smoky note, creating a harmonious contrast that accentuates the complexity of the scent.

White musk then reveals itself, bringing a sensual texture and an animalic dimension to the composition. This exceptionally pure musk adds an intoxicating depth, capturing the very essence of seduction.

Neroli, with its fresh and delicate floral notes, introduces a bright and sparkling element to the fragrance. It evokes a sense of joy and lightness, adding a vibrant dimension to this unique olfactory experience.

The precious and sought-after oud reveals itself in all its splendor. Its enchanting essence evokes mystery and sophistication, imparting an unparalleled aura of luxury to the fragrance.

Patchouli, an earthy and captivating note, harmoniously blends with the other ingredients, adding an enchanting depth and an unforgettable olfactory imprint. It underscores the fragrance's personality and creates an unparalleled trail.

Lastly, ambergris envelops this olfactory symphony in an unforgettable aura. Its richness and sensuality evoke a journey into opulence, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the privilege of discovering it.

Intense Wood is an olfactory masterpiece, an unparalleled luxury experience. It embodies audacity and sophistication, captivating those who wear it.

Oriental Woody Fragrance: Clove, White Flower, Geranium, Saffron, Gaiac Wood, White Musk, Neroli, Oud, Patchouli, Ambergris.