Presentation of Grasse-Atelier: Ode to the Art of Carole Poinsot, Our Master Perfumer

Welcome to Grasse-Atelier, where each fragrance is a sensory symphony composed by the talented artist Carole Poinsot. Immerse yourself in a world of unique olfactory creations, shaped by her exceptional craftsmanship and boundless imagination.

Our Story
Nestled in the heart of the historic center of Grasse, Grasse-Atelier celebrates the centuries-old heritage of artisanal perfumery. Our passion for this timeless art is reflected in every fragrance we create. From our humble beginnings to the present day, we have been committed to perpetuating the tradition of French perfumery while embracing innovation and creativity.

Carole Poinsot: Our Master Perfumer
Carole Poinsot embodies the soul of Grasse-Atelier. With unparalleled expertise and a keen artistic sensibility, she crafts our perfumes with masterful precision. As our master perfumer, she draws inspiration from the surrounding nature, travels, and human emotions, giving birth to olfactory compositions of rare and captivating beauty.

Our Values
At Grasse-Atelier, we are driven by a deep respect for nature and a commitment to excellence. We carefully select each ingredient, prioritizing the finest and most authentic raw materials. Our artisanal and ethical approach ensures perfumes of impeccable quality, respectful of the environment and the communities we work with.

Our Creations
Immerse yourself in our olfactory universe and be enchanted by a collection of unique perfumes, designed to awaken the senses and stir the soul. From delicate notes to bold accords, each creation by Carole Poinsot for Grasse-Atelier tells a captivating story, capturing the very essence of Provence and its perfumed heritage.

At Grasse-Atelier, we take pride in being custodians of a precious olfactory heritage, passed down through generations. Join us on our quest to rediscover the magic of authentic perfumes, where each bottle is a work of art, each note is a melody, and each breath is an invitation to explore the infinite beauty of the world.

Welcome to Grasse-Atelier, where art and passion converge to create unforgettable olfactory experiences, under the inspired direction of Carole Poinsot, our master perfumer.