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Grasse: The Intangible Capital of Perfume Know-how

Grasse: The Intangible Capital of Perfume Know-how, Honored by UNESCO

Grasse-Atelier Perfumery takes pride in displaying the logo of perfume know-how.

Grasse, located in the south of France, is considered the intangible capital of perfume know-how. This historic city has been honored by UNESCO for its rich heritage in the perfume industry.

At the heart of Grasse lies Grasse-Atelier Perfumery, a symbol of excellence in perfume creation. As a company that perpetuates artisanal traditions, Grasse-Atelier Perfumery proudly showcases the logo of perfume know-how. This demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and authenticity that have made Grasse renowned.

When you choose products from Grasse-Atelier Perfumery, you can be assured of receiving exceptional perfumes crafted with passion and expertise. Our team of perfumer artisans strives to capture the essence of flowers and natural ingredients, offering unique olfactory experiences.

Discover the history and expertise of Grasse by choosing Grasse-Atelier Perfumery. We are proud to contribute to the preservation of this fragrant heritage and share our passion with you.