Step into the captivating world of niche perfumery with Grasse-Atelier, an essential destination nestled in the heart of the world capital of perfume, Grasse. Located at 28 rue Amiral de Grasse, experience the very essence of elegance and sophistication embodied by Carole Poinsot's prestigious perfume collection.

Within this perfumed workshop, each bottle holds a story, a sensory journey inspired by the dreams and emotions of its creator. Carole Poinsot, a perfume enthusiast, draws her inspiration from the olfactory treasures of her travels and the rich lands of Grasse and its surroundings, renowned for their superior quality ingredients.

Working closely with experienced perfumers, each fragrance is meticulously crafted to capture the very essence of elegance and uniqueness. These unique perfumes reflect Carole Poinsot's personal style, an olfactory symphony that evokes the essence of sophistication.

But Grasse-Atelier is not just about creating exquisite perfumes. Carole Poinsot is also committed to sustainability projects, using ecological and ethical raw materials in the composition of her fragrances. As an iconic figure in the Grasse perfumery community, she organizes workshops and events to share her passion and promote local perfume culture.

Whether you're a perfume aficionado seeking unique olfactory experiences or simply curious to discover the perfumed soul of Grasse, don't miss the opportunity to visit Grasse-Atelier. Immerse yourself in a world where perfumes tell stories and where each scent evokes an emotion. Come discover Grasse, come discover the art of perfumery with Grasse-Atelier.