ETERNAL MUSK ROSE: The Alluring Transformation of Grasse’s Iconic Flower

The perfume’s aim is clear: to transform the famous Grasse rose, perfume ETERNAL MUSK ROSE, a symbol of voluptuousness and unqualified femininity, into an assertively virile fragrance that can be worn by anyone. This creation by Grasse-Atelier, crafted by the talented perfumer Carole Poinsot, is a testament to the art of fine perfumery in Grasse.

The result is a model of its kind: alternating femininity and masculinity of the Centifolia rose, quickly picked up by a chorus of warm, spicy, and woodsy notes such as cumin, olibanum, cedar, and a touch of amber. This unique blend captures the essence of both genders, making it a versatile and captivating scent for all.

In the background, the declared sensuality of Gaïac wood and cistus, highlighted by distinctly musky notes, give this perfume a disconcerting sense of mystery. The complexity of ETERNAL MUSK ROSE lies in its ability to seamlessly blend the traditional feminine allure of the Grasse rose with a bold, masculine edge, creating a fragrance that defies conventional boundaries.

Discover the unparalleled artistry of Grasse-Atelier Fine Perfumery and experience the innovative vision of perfumer Carole Poinsot with ETERNAL MUSK ROSE. Embrace a scent that transcends gender norms and exudes a captivating, mysterious charm.

Explore more about this enchanting fragrance and the heritage of Grasse’s perfumery at Grasse-Atelier, where tradition meets modernity in every exquisite bottle.